Dear IANPHI colleagues,

On behalf of Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italian National Institute of Health, it is my honor to invite you to Rome, Italy, for the IANPHI 2017 Annual Meeting. As NPHI leaders and partners, you have the vision, knowledge, and experience to help us frame IANPHI’s future – we invite you to join our robust network of members from more than 100 national public health institutes around the world here in Rome in October.

As a supporter of IANPHI’s work and mission, I have seen firsthand the impact the network is having on global public health. From facilitating NPHI-to-NPHI evaluations to providing support for ministries of health in establishing new institutes, IANPHI works strategically and effectively to strengthen public health capacity worldwide. The 2017 Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for our members to share experiences and develop ideas and strategies for collaboration to affect the future of public health. Although our countries are homes to unique cultures, systems, and individuals, we all share similar public health challenges. Prevention, detection, and response to diseases and other public health threats are more important now than ever, and NPHIs play a critical role in each of these tasks.

I look forward to seeing everyone here in October, for what promises to be an exciting and engaging week of discussions, as well as an opportunity to experience all that Rome, the Eternal City, has to offer.


Professor Walter Ricciardi
President, Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS)