Dear Esteemed Members,

2016 is a landmark for IANPHI as we will celebrate a decade of successes in developing new institutes in 14 countries, supporting new public health leaders through the Heymann academy and mentorship program, in supporting institutes to face large outbreaks such as H1N1in2009/2010 and Ebola 2014/2015 in Africa and Zika in 2015/2016 in the Americas, in organizing experiences sharing between directors and the NPHIs, in developing new projects such as CHAMPS to understand the cause of child mortality in  countries.

In 10 years the membership has grown to 100 members from 88 countries, the association has demonstrated its capacity to be flexible and open to changes: Changes of Presidents and Vice President, Changes of Secretary General, and main offices. In addition to remain on track to launch with new activities such as the Peer Evaluation of NPHIs, and the Leadership Academy.

Some regional activities were strengthen in particular in Africa, central America, and Europe. IANPHI Europe organizes every year a European meeting, this year hosted by RIVM in The Netherlands). The third annual African NPHI meeting, hosted by China CDC in collaboration with NIMR Tanzania will be held before the the Annual meeting in China. Finally, South and Central America have collaborated in many regional efforts such as the NPHI director meeting on Zika hosted by FIOCRUZ in Brazil.

In 2007, China CDC hosted the 2nd Meeting of IANPHI, 9 years later IANPHI is back to China, an opportunity to learn about new health challenges in China and discover the many successes of China CDC. I look forward to meeting you all in China, to have fruitful debates on our common issues such as the management of NPHIs to support to large outbreaks, to exchanges practices and scientific knowledge on surveillance, to support each other in capacity building activities.

With regards,

Jean-Claude Desenclos

Secretary General, IANPHI


Dear IANPHI Colleagues,

On behalf of China CDC, it is my honor to invite you to Shanghai, China, for the IANPHI 2016 Annual Meeting. Our institute looks forward to welcoming IANPHI back for its second meeting in China, having grown both in membership and impact since we hosted in 2008. As we celebrate this historic milestone for IANPHI – 10 years of linking, building, and transforming national public health institutes – we invite you to join our robust network of members from more than 100 national public health institutes around the world here in Shanghai in October.

As a longtime supporter of IANPHI’s work and mission, I have seen firsthand the impact the network is having on global public health. From facilitating NPHI-to-NPHI evaluations to providing support for ministries of health in establishing new institutes, IANPHI works strategically and effectively to strengthen public health capacity worldwide. The 2016 Annual Meeting provide an opportunity for our members to share experiences and develop ideas and strategies for collaboration to affect the future of public health. Although our countries are homes to unique cultures, systems, and individuals, we all share similar public health challenges. Zika, for example, is becoming increasingly global. Non-communicable diseases are a growing concern, even across geographic and demographic lines. Prevention, detection, and response to diseases and other public health threats are more important now than ever, and NPHIs play a critical role in each of these tasks.

I look forward to seeing everyone here in October, for what promises to be an exciting and engaging week of discussions, as well as an opportunity to experience our world-class city of Shanghai.


Dr. Wang Yu

Director, China CDC





Dear NPHI Directors,

As we celebrate the many accomplishments of IANPHI’s first 10 years, including the association’s growth to over 100 members and project work in dozens of countries, we invite you join us at the upcoming IANPHI Annual Meeting in Shanghai, 17-19 October 2016. The meeting, hosted by the China CDC, will provide opportunities to build upon the work done in previous meetings, bolster relationships between institutes, and continue to learn from each other. Each year, we are amazed by the high caliber of discussion among the participants. We credit this to both the unique experiences in public health leadership that each of you bring to the group, and to the spirit of collaboration shared amongst you.

This year, a number of public health challenges have already illuminated the importance of our robust network. In April, I joined nearly 20 of our members in a meeting to discuss Zika and the road ahead. Zika and other current public health issues reflect the need for strong national public health systems, including the the critical role of NPHIs to addressing these challenges.

As we convene in Shanghai, we will learn from our greatest resource as NPHIs, the work of one another. Looking ahead to the current issues in global health: cancer, refugee health, global health security, regional health information systems, and others, the IANPHI 2016 Annual Meeting will provide a forum for dialogue among today’s leaders in public health.

I look forward to working with you in Shanghai.

Mauricio Hernandez-Avila

President, IANPHI